Biometric systems work by recording and comparing biometric characteristics. We offer finger print or facial recognition units, these units can also be programmed to use pin or card methods of identification.

Server Room Biometric Solutions

Biometrics are of use in situations where there is a need to identify or verify a human being, such as entry control or time and attendance at the work place. They have an unsurpassed advantage over other security methods as they are intrinsically linked to an individual.

When an individual first uses, or is loaded on to the system, their identifying features are enrolled as a reference for future comparison. This reference may be stored in a central database or on a card (or both) depending on the needs of the application. When biometric recognition is required the individual’s biometric characteristics are recorded again and compared on the system to determine if there is a match.

Advantages of the Biometric System

Server Room Finger Print RecognitionUnlike other forms of authentication such as passwords or card systems biometric recognition provides a strong link between an individual and a claimed identity. It can guard against attempts to establish fraudulent multiple identities, or prevent identity fraud. It can process large numbers of individuals quickly and efficiently. New identities can be added easily when needed.


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