AXIL PV 3500 – 4kw – 12kwAXIL PV 3500 – 4kw – 12kw

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Power range 4KW-12KW
  • MPPT solar charge controller 45A 60A (120A Optional)
  • 24V/48VDC input voltage
  • Powerful Charge Rate Up to 100Amp
  • Inbuilt pure copper transformer
  • LED + LCD display

This is a hybrid inverter – combined with A/C charger and solar MPPT charge controller. MPPT efficiency is a max 98%. 50/60HZ automatic sensing and battery priority function. It will automatically send signals to start the generator. It has a DC start and Automatic Self-Diagnostic Function as well as a High Efficiency design and Power Saving mode to conserve energy.